Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you all.



This year sadly a few of our comrades have passed on, the list will be at the end of the newsletter 13 in total. Letís hope next yearís count does no match the year.

I have been thinking if we wish to have our flag flying in the National Memorial Arboretum long after we have gone then we will need a trust fund or something in place to pay for new flags. Perhaps we could start a membership Fee with annual payments, could I have your views on the subject please. We will also need someone raise the flag in March and take it down after Remembrance Day for the winter, and to check it in-between   which is what I do presently. It would be nice if one of our descendants could do this, I would suggest they live in the area to be able to  take the flag down in the event of windstorms blowing etc. which I did last Friday when the gales were blowing. On the way home Linda and I stopped at our local for lunch and the wind blew some tiles off the roof which landed on the bonnet of our car causing damage to the value of £1082.92. The flag is somewhat faded and will have to be replaced.

To have any hope of achieving a trust fund I will need everyoneís name and address and telephone number as I know some of you have moved some are no longer with us the list I have is out of date so those of you on the net click the following link and fill in the form please    this will only take you 5 minutes it is going to take me 2 or 3 days to collate all the data so no complaining please. Under the Data Protection Act I am not allowed to pass any information kept on the computer to any third parties. the Penalty could be fine a of £5000 and or imprisonment.

Now for those people not on the web, would those of you who are in contact with these people, Please pass this information on to them. If they own or have access to a mobile phone with Google on it, If they enter  XRH  into the search bar our website will be displayed at the top of the list. A mobile with a touch screen would be the best option these allow you to stretch the boxes enabling you to enter the data easily, or they could always text the info to me. A Tablet would also do nicely (ask the kids). Or go to the Library or a cyber cafť and get it to me that way. It will not work unless we all take part. I must have the information.  While we are on the subject of Tablets the screens are larger than the mobiles and can also be used to send emals as well as play game. You will of course need Wi Fi which can be found in such places as hmmmÖ  ďA PubĒ (ladies it not an excuse its true!)  Restaurants etc.  You can even sit in the car outside your favourite Supermarket Tesco, Aldi , and even Hospitals most places have it these days itís cheaper than running wires everywhere.  So letís hear from you people that donít have computers you can always text me, the number is on the website. 


I post details of any Bereavements/Funeral Service I receive from relatives, on to the forum and Facebook, I also email everyone on my Email list, I also ask if they would like the Regimental Flag sending. I have a new Flag made especially for coffins used only twice. I mention this because there have been occasions when members have been over keen to help, by asking home headquarters KRH for a 10th Hussar flag to be sent to the funeral  location If the wrong flag was sent by mistake it would be so embarrassing.  I am sure having to deal with different people could be confusing for the person dealing the occurrence and could also be an unnecessary stress. 

To be a Shiner or not to be a Shiner that is the question?

 I sent this email to those of you on the Email list, You can receive and send emails on your mobile phone!!

Has the time come to forget about the past and return to the KRH Regimental  Association?

The Shiners Club has survived since 1994 without any assistance from the KRH all funding we have raised from within. Please vote on the Forum or email me.

Is everyone happy being a member of our very select, Private Club?

The question is do you wish to remain a Shiner Yes or No?


On 12/12/2013 16:52, THOMAS KNIGHT wrote:

I think we should continue with the "Shiners" club for as long as possible, but it is 44 years since we amalgamated with 11H, so the number of "old" Tenth Hussars is getting less, I've no doubt time is running out, having said that we find that information on funerals etc. is more readily available through you than Home Headquarters.   See what the response is.

Regards.   Tom Knight 


Reunions 2013


Only four people turn up pictures on the left, very disappointing I will give it another go next year if it does no improve I will have to consider cancelling it. Would changing the date make any difference? Email me if you would like to come but cant make Oct. The National Memorial Areboretum is nice in the summer.  


Liz told me 77 people turn up for lunch a good time was had by all. Sorry no photos I was not sent any.



  2013 - Lest We Forget  




24th August 2013


 Norman Kenneth  

2nd October 2013


David Edward  (Cowboy)

22nd September 2013


Robert 'Adam' Coleman (brother of cowboy)

31 October 2013



1st  March 2013


Ernest Alfred 

28th February 2013

 Farris  Sgt. Eric  10th December 2013


Sgt Kenneth (Black Harrison)

23rd January 2013


Eric James  (aka Tubby)

28th May 2013


David J.

15 October 2013


Major, Tony

22nd April 2013



24th April 2013


Captain Charles 

2nd April 2013



Hero's Square paving stones.


This is an extract from an email I sent to General Friedberger (JF)
I saw this yesterday on the RH Facebook apparently the KRH are making a donation of £1000 to the Royal Hussars. Would the KRH Association like to make a contribution towards the 10th Hussars Paving Stone they have not helped us in the past .
click the link for more details on the paving stones. Cost £3000.00.

So far we are happy.

"Its better by far to be a 10th Hussar  with our  Flag and Plaque" we do not want to be walked over!

I am reliable informed by General Friedberger this is a non starter we must have been an active regiment in 1984 to qualify. I think the above says it all!