Al Dutton

Al was my troop Sgt and I drove him for a while in Munster. As Sgt’s go he was relaxed but switched on and an exceptionally good crew member. His German was very good and on exercises he would look after us, we always slept in the best barns had the freshest eggs and we never went short of beer. One of the good Guys, Rest in Peace.


Al left us on the amalgamation and went to the 16/5th Lancers

Clive Hamm

He came from Hitchin Herts. Perhaps there are still family there.
He joined the army at Catterick 65th Trg Regt,in April 1956. Other Shinners in the same intake apart from Al, Jock Hutton, Me(Brian  Tolman), Pete Hendry, Harry Smith, Ray Kite, Dingdong Bell, and our drill Sgt's were also 10th Frank Edwards and Sid Head.
Al, myself and Pete joined B Sqn. at Maan, they both to 4th troop (Sgt Johnny Haines) me to 3rd troop. James Ingram sqdn leader, Lofty Gordon, 2i/c, Albert Rodd Sgt Major.
Al was a friend of mine till I left the regt. Then it's the old story of not keeping contact.
Anyway condolences to family and friends, always a sad time.....

So sorry to hear about Al Dutton. he was married to Helga who worked in the NAAFI in Paderborn. He was my Tp Ldr in B Sqn in Aden for a while. He was a legendary Conqueror gunner if I remember correctly. he did go to the 16/5L and was the SSO in Wolfenbuttel. he was awarded the MBE.  RIP
Ron James