L/Cpl. I. J. Clark: Killed in a traffic accident at Nottuln, Germany on 26th October 1967.

Above Courtesy of XRH Gazette

Ivor or Farmer as we in A Sqn. called him, was my roommate he was an unpretentious person who was always willing to help others. He liked the same sports I did, Ruby and Skiing and a few others, he also like the same type of music (Folk) Joan Baez, Julie Felix and Ester & Abi Ofarim an up and coming group who had an international No. 1 hit "Cinderella Rockefella" in 1968 which sadly he missed. I am sure he had the Hots for Ester. He was a couple of years younger than me and as time went by we became good friends and when he left us I really missed him.

The gazette forgot to mention when he came to us from Junior Leaders he was sporting a pair of Paratrooper wings no mean feat for a 17 year old, he passed selection and his parents had to sign a document giving their consent for him to go to No. 1 Parachute Training School in Abingdon to earn his wings. He had to do a couple years man service before he could go to the RAC PARA SQN. I canít help wondering as he fitted in so well, would he have remained with the Regiment or gone onto the Para Sqn.

So long old friend.

Peter Hill

From one member of the brotherhood to another.

"Ad Unum Omnes"