1715 - 1969


The 10th Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales Own)

The official news letter of  THE SHINERS CLUB

Edition  No.16

We Served

 November  2008   




General Friedberger


General Friedberger makes a surprise visit to the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas Staffordshire to inspect the New Plaque with his aide-de-camp Major Covill both men served in the 10th Royal Hussars . The General caught everyone by surprise so we were only able to produce an Honour Guard of two.  It is understood that the general was very pleased with the plaque. If he would like to make comment about the plaque for publication on this website please contact us, details in the Editorial Staff box on the left or email the webmaster: www.webmaster@xrhgb.com

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John Friedberger - Dougie Covill

Bill Hatrick - Jim Fry             

Bill lives in Australia but  came over to see family . Jim and Bill arranged to meet at the memorial with their wives. They both served in Aqaba  1956/57 as National Service men. Jim served in 1st Troop C Squadron in Maan and Aqaba as tank driver then tank commander under Sergeant Jim Thirst. Bill Hatrick was taken off the fatal plane which crashed in 1957 to make room for a compassionate case and still can't believe his luck to this day. John Friedberger and his wife together with Dougie Covill came and introduced themselves to Bill and Jim whilst they were admiring the memorial. Bill and his wife have now returned to Australia and are keeping in touch by Email.
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