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The 10th Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales Own)

The official news letter of  THE SHINERS CLUB

Edition  No.17

We Served

 April  2009   




    Sadly we have some obituaries to report in this letter.

         First I must apologise for an omission in the last letter. Laurie Reed passed away on August 17th. He died peacefully after a short illness with his family around him. The flag was sent for his coffin which also bore 2 berets and Laurie’s medals. Several former 10th Hussars attended. We had a very nice letter from his son with the return of the flag saying his family very much appreciated the attendance of Laurie’s former friends.

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        RSM Ronald Kenneth Huggins died 14th September age 88 years. He was in 10th Royal Hussars before the war, and in 1940, a member of the British Expeditionary Force to France  and was evacuated at Dunkirk. Later he was in North Africa with the Desert Rats then on to Italy and Austria. After retirement he spent time at Bovington Tank Museum talking to children and visitors. He developed Alzheimers and died peacefully in a nursing home. We did not hear about his death until December.

          Andy Fleming died 19th January, age 77 years, following a heart attack. He was playing darts with his sisters on Sunday night, 18th January, and collapsed on the way home. He was found early morning. Cremation took place 29th January.


          Finally, Bob Standley’s dear wife, Jean, died peacefully on 8th March age 74 years. She had been ill for some time and had been in a nursing home for 9 months. Bob and Jean were very old friends of mine, I had known them for many years.

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