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 August  2009   


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The following is an email I received from Alan Grimble (ASM REME)

Hi Peter, thanks for your email,

Firstly, my apologies for not being at any reunions recently, my wife Margaret passed away almost 3 years ago, and as we both attended reunions after we returned from abroad in 1996 and met so many of the friends we made during our time with the Shiners' I just couldn't go alone without her. I do have regular contact with my old REME driver, Richard (Popeye) Hollands and he has been down here to visit me in Suffolk. I now spend as much time as I can with my son David, who was born when we were with the 10th (in Tidworth as you mentioned, but the year was 63), in Australia where he lives now. I spent my first year in HQ SQN (Major Hope) where I took over and trained the Boxing  Team.
We won the Brocklehurst Cup and the Old Comrades that year and I still have the pictures from then if you are interested. I won the Welterweight title as I had done a bit of boxing. My best mate joined the 10th at the same time and we remained friends for a long time, Dave Williams and he came from the WELSH REGT.
I hope one day to come to one of the reunions again, I have the greatest memories of the 6 years my family and I spent with the best soldiers in the British Army ever.

I have informed Alan about Popeye and so I would imagine he could now do with some friends  over to you  LAD.                                                  Peter

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