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 December  2009   

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Mr & Mrs R Fletcher
6 Riversdale Drive
DN14 5LH



    Once again Stockport was a great success with 55 sitting down for the meal on Saturday and approximately 30 in the bar on Friday night. The Alma Lodge is a 5 star hotel and we got 5 star treatment at its best. They could not do enough for us. The dining area was immaculately laid out, silver service at its best. The meal was excellent and the breakfast on Sunday morning was self service and from the comments received was a very good selection. I was also asked “Why have we not been here before?”

    The raffle was an outstanding success as usual, £260 collected. Very many thanks to all the generous members who brought prizes. It is amazing what people will do with their money when they are inebriated and enjoying themselves!!!

    The dates for Stockport next year are 15th and 16th October 2010.


    The date for Swindon Sunday lunch is 16th May 2010  As usual please let Liz know in good time for the numbers and menu etc. and pay on the day. 

    With the escalating cost of postage every year what I propose to do, is instead of sending 3 or 4 letters per year with very little news I will send 2 letters only. One to report on Stockport and remind people of Swindon lunch and a second to report on Swindon and remind people of Stockport weekend. In that way I may have more news to report. It is not viable to send 3 or 4 letters every year bearing in mind our limited funds. Also I will cease sending tickets for Stockport as they are not necessary but rest assured all money, cheque numbers, etc are logged. Call it a credit squeeze, but we have to tighten our belts, our cash flow is very limited. You could say I am having a moan but nevertheless it has to be said. Lack of letters does not mean there is a lack of information. There is a lot of information and gossip on our web-site and it is very concise. Having said that you only need to ring me for any information, I am only as far away as the nearest phone.

     We are still getting new members on a regular basis, usually they have seen the web-site and ask to be put on the list.



     I do not have any more news but I do hope the members appreciate my efforts to save a few pennies here and there. 

     All that remains is for June and myself to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.


    Best regards

    June & Ron

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