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Stockport 2010



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Since our last newsletter sadly we have had a few of our comrades move up to the Big Tank Park in the sky see the obituaries later in the news letter. Ron will be mentioning our departed and the dates of the next reunions and a Christmas message etc In the Christmas News Letter.  have to say I am disappointed in the response to the request for articles for the news letter I hope we get a better reaction for the next edition. I took down the Regimental Flag after remembrance Sunday and it has a hole in it. "There's a hole in my Flag dear members dear members a hole"  We need to buy a new one can we have some donations please. To see flag    Click Here

I have changed the layout of the webpage to try and make it easier for those of you whose computer  skill levels are not that good. I have been asked if we sell 10th Hussar item, may I draw your attention to the box marked “Club Shop” above if you click it you will get a list of Items for sale.  There is a topic on the Berlin Cemetery on the message board that might interest some of you.


Ron's News Letter now out Click Here

Last Update: 10 December 2010

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