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Year - 2011  Volume 22

  A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you all 


For those of you who have not been able to keep up with the current activities below is the schedule of events as they happened:        




                                                     Shiners  Christmas  Newsletter 2011


 Time again for the newsletter.


   Only one obituary this time one too many unfortunately.


   We heard on the phone on 7th November that Joe Richardson had passed away that morning. He was 74 years old and had been suffering from lung cancer for some time. We send our condolences to his family and friends.


   Once again I have to report a low number (33) at Stockport. But despite that we still had a lovely night and the raffle yielded quite a large amount considering the numbers. It was an excellent meal and excellent company. What more could one ask for.


   On a more sombre note. I must admit I get very despondent when the numbers fall every year and feel sometimes it is not worth carrying on. I really would like someone to take over from me. It is like trying to push water up a hill with a garden rake trying to raise money for the kitty and keep the numbers up. We must realistically look at the Stockport situation, if no-one comes forward to do it with some new ideas I cannot see myself in the job much longer. It would be a pity to terminate Stockport after the hard work John put into it and I have done 12 years as Chairman. I do get some nice comments from the members who attend which I do appreciate, it is nice to be wanted now and again but as I said before the reduction in numbers has to be considered.




Dear Peter,

I have thought hard and long about this decision. Please would it be possible for you to take over the Chairmanship of the Shiners Club until such time that someone permanent is elected. The decision is being brought on by ill health. I am sure there must be someone out there who can have a crack at it, once they get into it just go with the flow. I am always here for any advice, a good knowledge of the regiment would be handy. My knowledge goes back 60 years.

Kind regards






I will take on the role of acting Chairman with much sadness as I think you and June have done an outstanding job all these years. I will say more on that matter later, on behalf of all the Shiners may I say thank you, and wish you all the very best.


Take care,





(Posted on forum)

 1st December 2011

Re: Election of new Chairman and Committee Members


As your acting Chairman I have been asked by Ron Fletcher who has resigned to find a replacement for the role of Chairman.

If any of you would like to put yourself forward for the position or you know someone who you think be might suitable please email me, I am also looking for 2 people to fulfil the role as committee members again please email.

Closing Date for Applications 1st January 2012

Peter Hill
Acting Chairman
The Shiners Club  




Hi Pete,

Have composed the following regarding the Chairmanship.


   This is just a little note to inform members of what running the Shiners Club entails. I send out 2 letters per annum, one after Swindon and one after Stockport. There are approximately 150 letters by snail mail and 113 by email. This normally takes 3-4 days to complete a letter and post, that happens twice a year only.  I have nothing at all to do with Swindon, Liz Bentley sorts that one out.

   I organise the Stockport reunion liaising with the hotel regarding numbers and bookings for the room are made 2 years in advance.

   Apart form that all I do basically is answer the phone for queries regarding former Shiners. Some I refer to Preston and some to Winchester. I also sell the odd bit of merchandise when I have it in stock.

   The job in general is easy, why everyone is backing away from it I do not know. I am always available for any questions or advice. It would be ideal if someone from the Aden era took over, the Lubeck, Iserlohn ,Aqaba members are getting old now.

    Please come forward, there is nothing to it .I am only giving up for health reasons. I have been a long distance driver all my life but not any more, I am one of the old ones now.


Cheers Ron




To date only two people have been proposed Dave Robinson and Myself. Neither of us is able to take on the role, I am too busy running the Website.


I understand there are 160 members who are not on the internet. I have discarded them for the post, as the Chairman and Webmaster need to communicate in real time, imagine the Regiment going out on exercise with no radios in their Tanks it just would not work. I am sure word will get around soon enough if you live near anyone not on the net please pass on this information. One can always go to the local library and the Staff  will load our website for you free of charge.


I am not sure if everyone understands the dire consequences of the situation. My understanding of the circumstances is that unless a chairman is selected soon, Stockport will have to be cancelled and will no longer take place.  


So gentlemen the decision is yours.


Peter Hill

Acting Chairman

The Shiners Club


Re: Flag please do not send any money YET we are still trying to source a new one If anyone knows of anyone who does Flags please Email me.



Last Update: 19 Jan 2012

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