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Shiners News Letter

Volume 24 Autumn 2012


Reunion Dinner 20th October 2012

Friday 19th.

The reunion dinner was held in Derby this year so that those who had not been to the NMA (National Memorial Arboretum)  could visit and take some photos. Clive Ham came from Dorset by train and Ken Harrison from Yorkshire on the Friday I met them in the evening

 and we had a drink or two and chatted about the good old days. (click on photos to enlarge)


Saturday 20th










Ken Harrison and Clive Ham


Ken Harrison and Jean & Clive Ham

Ken Harrison, Linda Hill and Clive & Jean Ham


At lunch time Linda and I guided the people who had never been, to the NMA. We took some photos outside and then went into the Arboretum. Once inside they were surprised at the size of the place Ken wanted to take some picture and discovered his camera’s memory card was full so I lent him mine, below are some of the photos he and Linda took. We left them after the plinth shots were taken. When they returned to the hotel I collected both cameras  and copied Ken’s photos onto a DVD for him, leaving his camera clear.
The main event took place Saturday evening once we had all introduced ourselves, and Ian introduced himself to the waitress and said, you can call me “Blue Eyes”. We then had the loyal toast to the Queen, followed by the Regiment and also to the members of the regiment who sadly are no longer with us. The evening went well there was lots of laughter and merriment even the waitress enjoyed the evening, and all said they would return next year.  I was very pleased with the weekend and I hope see more next year.


 The Dinner

Clive & Jean Ham

Margret & Derek Jones

 Ken Harrison  Mick Brotherhood  Ian Hingley

& on the right our Hostess Linda


Guest Comments

On the 19th October myself and my wife Jean went to Derby for a Shiners reunion organised by Pete Hill it was a very poor turnout but we had a good time, on the Saturday Jean myself Ken Harrison, Pete and his wife went to the Arboretum it was my first visit there and I was amazed at the size of it and to see the Shiners Plaque in all its glory was great we spent quite a long time there and got around on the land train but even doing this we only saw a part of the set up.  We went into the chapel where on of the guides gave us a talk on how it was thought up and how it came about if you go there it is worth doing this because it was very interesting, he also told us they going to get the gravel pit next door to add another load of acres to it.  I believe Pete is hoping that this Derby event will become a yearly thing if it is I hope to see a lot more Shiners there next time Clive (Taffy) Ham. 
Thanks to Pete for organising the reunion. we had a great time and it was good to meet old friends and new. will be at the next one for sure.  Derek Jones ( Welshderek)


Thanks Pete for the weekend reunion it was good fun lets hope we can get more shiners next year. Ken Harrison (Black Harrison)


Hi Peter,  nice to meet you last night. We had a very nice time catching up with the lads from Aqaba. I would like to thank you for all the effort you put in trying to keep the club going.

                All the best    Mick & Ian

Mick Botherhood & Ian Hingley. Ian is not on the net.