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 July  2008   

Coming Soon The New Plaque

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il est arrivé la nouvelle plaque

Last Update:  02 July 08


The latest News about the Plaque is it is now finished the Stone Mason brought it around to my place yesterday for a final viewing before it is fitted which will be in a couple of weeks. Ron came down and final got to my house mumbling something about bloody Sat Navs. When he saw it he said “excellent”.  It really does look good much better than in photograph, the person in the photo holding the plaque is the Stone Mason Simon Walker you can now see how big the badge is.


I have had a chat with Charlie (Chief Executive Officer NMA) and contrary to popular belief we can keep are flag pole. I pointed out that when HRH visits and sees the new plaque with his feathers on it and on the flag he should be pleased . I am having the pole moved so its back in line behind the plinth.


To date only 5 people have said they would like to attend the opening ceremony for that amount of people It wont be worth having anything special.


The 10th Royal Hussars Miniature Museum 

I am toying with the Idea of having a display of all of the Regiments vehicles in 1/35 scale so all you model builders get building I have a 10H on horse back 1815 in the loft

Have a meander around boot fairs etc. Lets see if we can put together a display starting in  1715 and Ending in 1969 if we can get all the bits it should look quite impressive and would give the Tank Museum in Bovington a run for its money. So those of you who are bored you now have a mission in life get searching or building, I mentioned it to Charlie he thought it was a nice idea you never know we could end up with our own miniature museum in the NMA. I have opened a blog on the site lets have your comments if you have anything suitable for the museum let me know and I will publish a list of  what we get on the site.                                 Peter

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