Lest we Forget      

Once a 10th Hussar always a 10th Hussar

Alderson Robert   6th September 2010
Andrews Andy 18th July 2007
Arnold Bert  ? April 2005
Austin Mrs Mary 24th April 2005
Baker Gordon 26th Jan 2010
Barter  Norman Kenneth   2nd October 2013
Beech  Roger 20th September 2005
Bengough.   KCVO Col Sir,  Piers 18th April 2005
Bentley Tony 25th June 2005
Birkinshaw-Weston A. R (Daddy) 31st December 2000
Bowles Doug  18th April 2011 age 82
Boyce Alan 7th April 2010
Bradbury Molly 7th April 1960
Bradbury George 4th November 1993
Brown Eric (Topper) 25th February 2008
Brown Ian 24th August 2013
Bullock Ernie 15th December   2014
Carter John  23rd April 2011 aged 78
Chatwin Ron 5th March 2007
L C Chiverton 10th January
Clark Ivor  (Farmer) 26 October 1967
Clements Chris  (wife of Ian) 6th of Feb 2012
Clifton Gordon 10th March 2010
Coleman David Edward  (Cowboy) 22nd September 2013
Coleman Robert 'Adam' Coleman

(brother of cowboy)

31 October 2013
Cooper John Bailey 9th June 2015
Courtney Mrs Sheila 4th May 2005
Curtis.  Cpl. Robert  Sidney 27 June 2015
Dawnay Major,  Hugh 28th May 2012
Dawson Norman  1st  March 2013
Dean Dixie ? 1984
Dempsey Alec (Paddy) 6th December 2003
Dock Roy 24th July 2005
Dunk Ken (Dido) 16th December 2003
Dunnings Barry Paul 4th November 2015
Dunnings Les  21st November 2004
Dutton.   MBE Al      January  2011
Evans Jean dear wife of Ernie   22nd December 2010.  
Evans Ernest Alfred  28th February 2013
Farris Sgt. Eric 10th December 2013
Field Ted 15th April 2014
Firth James 17th August 2008
Fleming   Andy   19th January 2009
Flower Donald Thomas John "Don" 21 September 2015
Glancy-Hockley Brian 19th Oct 2010
Haines. John (Johnny)  1st June 2007
Hales Alan   (Cider) Sept 2009
Harrison Sgt. Kenneth (Black Harrison) 23rd January 2013
Hedley Mrs Marjorie 4th July 2007
Hill  Captain   Douglas 1st May 2014
Hodge David 6th September 2012
Holder  Lt Col O. E. V.  (Ollie) 7th November 2015
Hollands Richard  (Popeye)    REME 19th April 2009
Huggins Ronald 14th September 2008
Hughes Ray  January 2011 in Australia
Hungerford Desmond 1st November 2003
Hutton James (Jock) 22nd September 2004
Yeats James 23rd April 2014
Johns Geordie ? February 2004
Johnson Bill 24th September 2004
Johnson Eric James  (aka Tubby) 28th May 2013
Knight Louise  (wife of Tom)  14 March    2012
Little David J. 15 October 2013
Lomas Jim 18th March 2010
Lloyd Rodney (Knocker) 29th January 2011
Mailer Kenneth  2009
Manners Lt Col A. E. Robin 23 June 2015
Marshall Alfred W.  (Winky) 25th November 2015
Marston Les  5th November 2005
Monkman  Joe 2nd July 2011 age 88
Murley.  Syd  17th January 2007
Nash. Peter 6th January 2002
Newman. Andrew Peter 23rd March 2014
Nunn. Major, Tony 22nd April 2013
O'Neill. Paddy ? January 2006
Parnell. Tom   11th January 2011 age 92
Peel. George 2nd June 2004
Peters.  Jim  1st March 2008


9th April 2010
Preece. John (Buddha) 29th April 2002
Read. Laurie  17th August 2008
Rees-Olivier. John 10th May 2012
Rennie.  Norman  (Norrie) (Jock) 13th January 2011
Richardson. Joe 7th November 2011
Robinson  794 David ??   June 2015
Rodd. Albert   16th March 2011 age 93. 
Regandanz. Rene  26th March 2011
Ross.  MM Barney  25th December 2014
Salmon. Albert  ?    March 2008
Searby. Brian 25th Feb 2010
Shearing Jack 6th February 2008
Shelton. John 10th September 2011
Slocombe. Tony 10th May 2005
Smith. Francis Powell 21st August 2011
Spence John  (Spike) 17th May 2015


24th April 2013
Spoor. John 2nd March 2003
Spoor. Peter Brian 17 August 2015
Spreadbury. Ted 11th February 2004
Stewart. Major  Thomas Clements  25th October 1995
Squire.  Kenneth  25th November 2014
Thirst. Jim  12th July 2005
Thorley. Gerard 22nd November 2006
Todhunter. Bill 4th August 2003
Toller. Captain Charles  2nd April 2013
Townsend. D. A. 8th December 2012
Trevett. Peter 12 August 2009
Watts Garry 16th May 2015
Whitby.  Samuel 6th May 1979
Willis.  CB  Maj Gen J. B. 1 Feb 2010
Wills. Roger 26 April 2014
Wilson Laurence  A 2nd June 2015
Wood. Brian 9th March 2014
Woods. Peter 25 April 2009
Wyatt.   MC Bill  21 August  2014

The above is all I have if anyone has more details please email them to me for inclusion. IF THE NAME IS UNDERLINED ITS A LINK CLICK IT FOR MORE INFO ON THE PERSON. (Editor)


Last update 16 October 2015