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Edition  No.8

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 5 May  2007   

Last Post Aden 1967

We are holding a Lecture Evening on 31 May 2007 at the Central Lecture Hall (above the museum)  Called Last Post Aden 1967 The 40th Anniversary.  The final withdrawal from Aden seen from the perspective of a Platoon Commander in 1 PARA  It will be given by Col retired David Parker.
The lecture starts at 7.30pm but the museum and shop are open from 6.30pm.  Tickets are £8.50 which includes wine, soft drinks and nibbles. Cheques should be payable to Airborne Forces Museum.  Please send an sae.
Special Offer.  Discount for Aden Veterans in an organised group.
Please contact the museum 01252 349619 Monday to Friday or email                     airbornefm@btconnect.com.                                                                                              Peter Hill 1973

No jumps for Paras as MoD cuts £1bn

By Sean Rayment and Rob Watts, Sunday Telegraph Full Story and here

Members of the Parachute Regiment will not receive parachute training ... The proposals mean that Britain will be without a parachute-trained force for the first time since the Second World War when the Parachute Regiment was created on the orders of Winston Churchill.

The planned cuts to be imposed on 16 Air Assault Brigade, which the MoD admits would be a public-relations disaster, can be revealed just days after 77 members of the unit received awards, including a Victoria Cross and a George Cross, for their actions in Afghanistan... The document states that if the cuts were imposed "the Parachute Regiment and other airborne units would be undermined with implications for morale, recruiting and retention. It would take until March 31, 2012, to retrain all aircrews, dispatchers, planers and parachute-trained units". It adds: "This measure would also have implications for special forces' recruiting and selection." The Parachute Regiment provides more than half of the special forces' intake.

So what are we going to do about it ?

David Smart has started a Petition via 10 Downing St own website ... Look for "Military-Madness" Click Here

The Petition will run until December 2007 so lets show Tony Blair what the power of the Internet can do, we need you and your friends to sign-up Click Here The crisis has emerged two months after Tony Blair promised commanders in Afghanistan that they would get whatever they needed to beat the Taliban... Yeah, Right Tony

I hope all members of the Regiment will vote to stop this Insanity and not just the ex members of the  Royal Armoured Corps  PARA SQN.

    Sunday Lunch 20th May 2007

Crown Inn Swindon

Just a reminder for the above event in case some of you have forgotten its only two weeks away now details can be obtained from Liz Bentley on 01793 336136.

I would really appreciate some photographs of the event for the website could somebody please take a group picture if at all possible thank you. (your Webslave Peter)


28 April 2007

Old Comrades 10th Hussars

Just in from Ron an Email he received from T.C. Johnson:                        

Dear Ron,

Sorry for the delay in answering your emails, I thought I had some luck with five old comrades coming back to the fold but they are not interested at all. They were all glad to get out of the 10th and all the bullshit. I have the number of my very good friend at the time:
trooper Salisbury number 19142139 from Birmingham, again he hated all of it. He had a young wife and daughter and worried about them quite a lot. If he is still alive he may show some interest. He was attached to HQ Squadron, transport. I would like to contact him again, we had a great deal in common.

I also had another good friend, Alfie Smith, last known address: 12 addison crescent, London w14. He was working at an engineering company called Rotax, you probably have heard of it. I have tried to trace it but have not had much success. A lot of these companies were taken over years back! The cream of our industry gone to foreign hands.

The 10th gave me a passion for all sorts of machinery, buying and dismantling. I ended up with a big yard buying jeeps and all sorts of army equipment - tanks anything armoured. I was shipping all over the globe. That has all stopped now, too many rules and regulations. Anyway
my good lady of 56 years said I should give up work now and do some gardening! ugh!

The M4 General Sherman tank was the main tank designed and built by the US for use in World War 2 It was named after Union General William Tecumseh Sherman. The name is often shortened to M4 Sherman or simply Sherman.
Its high profile and rounded top made it an easy target but it was rather fast and manoeuvrable, reliable, easy to produce and service.
I have some photos of the lads and one or two Churchill and Sherman Tanks. I had one or two of Col Archer/Shee Major Morley, I used to drive them on different duty days. I enjoyed my time in the army, good and bad days I had, many like everybody else. never mind, we can't go back, we can only add memories. Getting back on the subject, the two fellas I had mentioned, I hope you can put your scouts to work and find them, I sure will be pleased.

yours sincerely,
T.C. Johnson - ex 10th number 19065714.

I knew Col Archie Shee and Major Morley. I think if these two gentlemen are alive they will be chuffed to little NAAFI breaks. I am not that old to have driven a Sherman or Churchill tank, my first tank was a Mark 111 Cent. Tom's army number tells me he joined the army late 40s,he will be round about 75-77


Mined Vehicles Aden

I am trying to get together a list of the above during our tour of duty for the Aden Page If anyone has any information could you please email it to me. David Hodge has sent me some details of C Sqn. which has been published, I still need info on the other Squadrons.         peter@xrhgb.com

Photograph courtesy of Brian Willoughby QDG

Edition  No. 7

Spring Publication

March  2007


 Time again for the Spring newsletter. 

As usual we will begin with the obituaries. At this stage unfortunately we know of four.

We were informed on  22nd November 2006 of the death of Gerard Thorley, age 68, from cancer. He was in the regiment about 1958 or 1960. It is a name I cannot recall.

 On 17th November we received a letter from Andy Andrews daughter, Fiona, to say her Dad had died on 18th July in the local hospice. She apologised for not informing us earlier, she was under the impression we had been told. We sent a reply to her letter with our condolences from all the Shiners. Andy was a regular at Stockport reunions.

Syd Murley died on 17th January 2007. We had a Christmas card from Syd and Doreen and Doreen said then his health was failing, that is all we knew until we received the news that he had passed away. Home Headquarters, Preston, (Capt. Cornish) pulled all the stops out and supplied a flag and a trumpeter who played the Last Post and Reveille. About 100 old comrades attended and their daughter gave a eulogy on Syd’s life. To quote Doreen “Syd would have been very proud”. She said Capt. Cornish had been very helpful. Syd was a former RSM of the regiment. Syd and Doreen regularly attended Swindon lunch.

Last but by no means the least, the passing of Ron Chatwin, who died in the early hours of 5th March 2007, age 75. He had a chest infection for about 4 weeks and was taken in to hospital but his heart could not cope. They had no family and when Annelise phoned she was naturally very upset. I immediately put the sad news on 4 web-sites and the following morning rang Capt Cornish, Home Headquarters, Preston, and phoned several people and asked them to spread the news. Annelise requested the flag for Ron’s coffin and no flowers. The funeral took place at Yeovil Crematorium on 15th March. Up to 40 from the regiment attended, including General Friedberger and General Willis as well as other senior members. We sent a sympathy card on behalf of all Shiners. As you know, Ron was a former bandsman, his favourite instrument being the French horn. He was in the band with Bernie McGee who I phoned 3 times, then it dawned on us that Bernie and Pat are away, in Africa on safari again. Bernie and Ron were great friends when in the band.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the bereaved families at this sad time.       

That fortunately, is the last of our members obituaries.

   Richard Attenburrow fell some time ago and broke his wrist and collar bone. He spent some time in hospital but is now home again. If I remember, correct me if I am wrong, Dick is the oldest living former 10th Hussar, he told me he was older than Norman Wisdom. Dick often phones and sounds very coherent and with it.      

   On a further sombre note, Tony Preston, the former editor of The Dhow, The Aden Veterans Association, is going through a bit of a bad spell. While in the Army he went to Norway on a course of something or other and developed asthma. As a result, over the years, he has been on steroids to counteract the asthma. He had to go in to hospital for a hip revision and as a result of the steroids his immune system was shot so he has had a couple of painful weeks following the operation. All in all to quote Tony, he was not very well. The last we heard he is back home on “extremely light duties” and receiving lots of TLC. It goes without saying, Tony, we are all pulling for you. Further to Tony’s emails, he hopes to be at Swindon. 

   In our last letter we said Peter Hill had set up our own web-site for the Shiners Club. He has changed the address to a simpler version. It is now www.xrhgb.com/  It is a very informative site and is having additions on a regular basis. Current news and photos of the Arboretum are on there. For those not on the web, building work at the Arboretum is on-going. Our plinth and that of the 11th will hopefully be back in their new positions, set in Portland stone, sometime in September. If and when I receive any further news I will flag it up immediately. 

   Jim Milsom has asked if anyone would be interested in a visit to Barker Barracks, Paderborn. He has put a message on our web-site. If anyone is interested please phone Jim on 01483 832190 or email to james.milsom1@ntlworld.com         

   Peter Hill has an outlet for dog tags, if anyone is interested contact the web-site or contact me. There is a questionnaire on the site and you can choose which one you prefer.          

  One of our old friends, Arthur Deverell, is not very well. We do not know any details at the moment. 

   John Etheridge has contacted our web-site. He has a holiday home in Spain, near Alicante, and is willing to rent it out to Shiners at a reduced rate. If anyone is interested phone John for details and availability on 0151 5136443 or email go2diamante@ntlworld.com  Looking at the photos it is a very attractive villa with very favourable rates. The photos are on our web-site. 

   We are in the process of changing the title of the bank account with effect from 3rd April. It is an obscure date but that is the date the bank has given us. After that date please make cheques payable to THE SHINERS CLUB  It is a simpler title to remember. Anything made out to any other title after that date will not be accepted by the bank.  

  Don’t forget the Swindon lunch on  May 20th. If you are going contact Liz Bentley on 01793 336136 with your menu choice. I am sure she will be delighted to see hundreds.            

  On the Shiners Club itself we are getting new members all the time. The phone never stops ringing. It is good for old comrades to keep in touch. Tickets for Stockport are coming slowly, at the moment we only have 14. Subs are down to a trickle, I have a leak in my garage which is coming in quicker than the subs. As I mentioned at Stockport last year the most worrying part of this job is trying to keep our heads above water financially. Please can you send for your tickets as early as possible and get your accommodation booked. It saves a lot of worrying on the run up to October.  

   For the first time we are sending some newsletters by email. At the moment we have 42 email addresses. This alleviates the cost of postage, printing, paper, etc. Many thanks to those who have sent us their email addresses. If there are any more please let us know for future letters.       

    I think that is all we have for the moment. Please keep us informed of any news you may hear. If I do not know I cannot pass it on.  

 Regards June & Ron

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Webmasters Corner.

Now that we are www.xrhgb.com  if anyone wants a yourname@xrhgb.com email address email me for details You do not have to give up your existing Email this would be an additional one. My New Email Address is peter@xrhgb.com

The new site still has lots of work to be done on it and is progressing slowly any budding webmasters out there feel like helping out get in touch or even anyone good at typing. The riddles on the blog page were put there to get the little grey cells working, judging from the response 99% of you need a hangover to remind you that you are still alive.

Did you know the Ladies Club has had 340 hits there no messages on the message board nothing on the blog page I am convinced  they are up to something, they are being far too quiet. If anybody knows what's going on please tell me.

John Etheridge's Holiday Home, I am doing the website for him and I am expecting some more pictures from Jill when she gets back from Spain as soon as I get them I will upload them. The Place looks really nice Linda and are going out there for 2 weeks in September.


If any of you have old odd XRH Items before you throw them away put it on Ebay and see what you can get for it first. The milk jug fetched £262 even with the top missing. For those of you who do not know what Ebay is, Its a Computerised Auction House on the web you post an Item and people bid for it click the link below to go there, click picture for a larger image.

 eBay UK - The UK's Online Marketplace

I have come across these Dog tags and I bought one they are much better than they look in the photographs, Especially the mock-up I made with my photo editing software. They only cost £4-50 I am very pleased with mine, on the back  I have my name blood group NI number etc If you are allergic to penicillin or something else it can be used as a Medical Alert. If anyone is interested let me know I am sure I can get a quantity discount. We are not sure what badge to have engraved, so we would appreciate your help so please cast your vote below.


An aluminium ID 'dog' tag, complete with a 24" ball chain and black silencer encasing it, engraved to the front with:

Your Regiment's Name

The back can also be engraved with a message/name/serial number/date of birth/blood group etc for an extra charge of £4.00 

Could you please choose from one of the below then cast your vote

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