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Edition  No.13

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 May  2008   

Coming Soon The New Plaque

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Last Update:  31 May 08

            I must apologise for not sending a newsletter for 6 months. Actually there has been very little to report apart from some obituaries. The latest up-date on the new plaque is that it is hoped it will be completed in the next 2-3 weeks. Hopefully there will be no hiccoughs. At this stage of the proceedings Peter and I are looking towards a dedication ceremony. Nothing has been planned as yet, we are looking for ideas from the members as to what format it can take. The only suggestion I have come up with, although it is not cast in stone, is that we invite a couple of families or relatives of Shiners who have died and their names are on the Arboretum wall having died in Aqaba or Aden or anywhere else the regiment has been therefore the plinth and the memorial is a permanent reminder for them which will be there forever. I think the families would like that. Again this is just one idea as we hope to get feedback from our members. As you know our funds are very, very limited. People who are not on the web can go to the local library and look on the computer and get an idea of what the plinth will look like. The library attendant will get it for you. The web-site is www.xrhgb.com  The management of the Arboretum including the architect think it looks very good.

          Although the idea of having a dedication ceremony is somewhat down the line we would like names and phone numbers of people who would like to come as we want to put on a show befitting a fine regiment.

           Out of 250 members on our list there were only about 50 who contributed to the new plaque and owing to their extreme generosity we reached our target for which we are eternally grateful. 

            Donít forget Stockport is not far away and at the moment we have only 16.

            Swindon was once again very well attended . I heard there were about 77 there. I would like to see as many at Stockport as our numbers are dwindling annually.

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